Teal App Ambassador: Julianne Ponan

Julianne Ponan is a successful entrepreneur having taken on and developed one of the UK’s leading free-from and superfood brands, Creative Nature.


She is also a well known professional public speaker sharing insight into women in business, being a young entrepreneur with a mixed race heritage and talking about success in the competitive food and drink sector globally. She talks candidly about the highs and the lows of her journey so far. From success, to profits, to business, to racism and sexism. One of her main areas of expertise and knowledge is around allergies.

Julianne kitchen table photo.jpeg

Role Model for Allergy Sufferers

Official Teal App Ambassador

Julianne is increasingly known as a champion and advocate for those who suffer from severe allergies and anaphylaxis. Julianne was diagnosed with anaphylaxis while at nursery school as a toddler and tests revealed she has multiple severe allergies including all treenuts, peanuts,  sesame seeds, chick peas, some strong perfumes and more. She has been rushed into intensive care after collapsing multiple times.

Today she takes part in government consultations around society’s attitude to those living with allergies. She has been outspoken around issues such as food labelling, the labelling of fresh produce in cafes and retail outlets as well as sharing her experiences of discrimination caused by her own severe allergies.