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Teal Podcast Episode #6 Conversations with Sabine Klaus-Carter of Calvin's Free From Foods

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

What better way to introduce you to Teal's newest Vendor partner, than by listening to their personal story and getting to know them better. Get the tissues at the ready for a heart warming and honest conversation with one of the warmest, infectious, passionate and generous people we have met on the Teal Podcast which you can listen to here. CEO and Founder of Calvin's Free From Foods; Sabine Klaus-Carter created their Original Coconut Bread after trying to find a solution to feed her son Calvin; born with multiple food allergies.

"We embarked on a journey making great Free From Food products, our first product to market is our Original Coconut Flatbread which is naturally 14 allergens free, gluten-free, grain-free, plant-based, paleo and vegan. The bread is made with organic coconut flour that is sustainably and ethically sourced to achieve the ultimate feel-good factor on every level."

In this episode Sabine candidly talks about the struggles they faced as a family when Calvin's severe food allergies restricted both his and her diets to chicken, broccoli and coconut; and how it led to frustration and desperation to find a solution to nourish them.

Sabine shared their experience of FPIES (Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome) which causes the large and small intestines in babies and small children to become enflamed triggered by certain foods; resulting in projectile vomiting.

Driven by Nutrition to be the solution; their TED Diet formed the start of the answer for them as Calvin was able to rebalance his immune system and opened up alternative options previously considered to be "off the table".

Sabine is a natural entrepreneur; and shared her transition from owning a video creation company to suddenly baking bread. Within this chat we learnt some great insights into fundraising and advice for those starting out in business; like so many of the entrepreneurs we have spoken with - profit with purpose.

We were incredibly inspired by Sabine; whose natural radiance is abundantly clear and throughout our conversation it became increasingly clear how phenomenal this woman is having created a "game-changer" product that is going to help so many people allergy community and beyond. She is incredibly passionate about empowering children from a young age to own their allergies; through the way they have raised Calvin.

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that you can now order Calvin's Free From Food Original Coconut Bread directly through Teal; an award winning brand that is just launching.

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