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Teal Podcast Episode #5 show notes - meeting the Free From Food Awards Team

This was one of our favourite episodes so far when we met Michelle Berriedale-Johnson and Cressida Langlands; the driving force behind the coveted Free From Food Awards (FFFA); an extremely charismatic, witty and purpose driven team.

As you are listening to this podcast and reading these notes, the team have just received the final entries for the Free From Food Awards 2021; the UK's only annual awards for freefrom food and drink; having grown to over 500 at last count (with further numbers to be tallied).

In the absence of an official standards body for the freefrom industry in the UK; the FFFA have unofficially carried this mantel and are seen as the standard of excellence for manufacturers and retailers in this space to aspire to.

But first; what is the Free From Food Awards?

This awards body celebrates the very best in freefrom and their eye-catching yellow logo assures that a product has been rigorously taste tested and has compliant/good labelling. Since 2008 nearly 5,000 freefrom products have been blind tasted by their specialist judging panels. Featuring over a hundred chefs, manufacturers, dieticians and allergy reactors, many of the judges are well-known figures in the food and allergy worlds. Feedback from their panels has proved invaluable to manufacturers and they pride themselves in having been instrumental in encouraging development and innovation in the freefrom market. The awards are entirely independent, supported by sponsorship and entry fees only.

With many years insight into the freefrom space; we learnt a lot from Michelle around the growth of this industry - many successes; but also the challenges professionals encounter.

We demystified some of the key issues consumers face; with advice for more consistent labelling; product recalls; and the Covid-19 effect.

Michelle and Cressida shared how they met and how their mission has evolved.

Here's a sneak preview into some of the entrants for #FFFA21

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You can connect with Free From Food Awards here:

Twitter: @FFFoodAwards

Facebook: @FreeFromFoodAward

Instagram: @freefromfoodawards


Web: http://www.freefromfoodawards.co.uk


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