Teal Podcast #9 Conversations with Teal's UK Ambassador, Julianne Ponan, CEO of Creative Nature

Our first episode of the Teal Podcast in 2021, is with a special guest Julianne Ponan; who is CEO of Creative Nature and none other than the Teal UK Ambassador.

Julianne Ponan is a successful entrepreneur having taken on and developed one of the UK’s leading free-from and superfood brands, Creative Nature.

She is also a well known professional public speaker sharing insight into women in business, being a young entrepreneur with a mixed race heritage and talking about success in the competitive food and drink sector globally. She talks candidly about the highs and the lows of her journey so far. From success, to profits, to business, to racism and sexism. One of her main areas of expertise and knowledge is around allergies.

In this episode, Julianne shares how her personal challenges around allergies, led to the birth of an amazing business that provides a diverse range of food products that are top 14 free from allergens. These include baking mixes, snack treats and superfoods. It is this diversification that has also supported Creative Nature's ability to adapt to the changing landscape in the socio-economic environments impacted by BREXIT and COVID-19.

Julianne shares her entrepreneurial advice and tips for other businesses navigating these challenges too.

We hear about an important topic to Julianne, which is around the inability of hospitals to cater for people with food allergies - not ideal when you're in there as a result of an anaphylactic reaction.

Julianne shares the importance of the community to her personally and her desire to use her platform to educate and empower others facing allergies. She has a very important message at the end.

Catch the video here or visit the Teal Podcast page got the latest episodes.

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