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Teal Podcast #8 New Year Health Strategies with Cara Redpath, Nutritionist

We're not ringing in 2021 with large parties and fireworks, instead it is a more intimate affair at home and probably a time for introspection and reflection as we cautiously enter the new year.

With that in mind, we have a special podcast episode especially for you with the brilliant Cara Redpath, BANT registered Nutritional Therapist; specialising in paediatrics, gut health, allergies and immunity; and more recently fertility support. Cara joins us and shares her wisdom and sound advice for starting 2021 strong.

Cara's clinic moved online as a result of the pandemic, and is extremely digital savvy. As well as providing community support in Oban where she is based, Cara also provides online clinics and consultation to the rest of the UK. You can learn more about Cara's 2020 journey in the podcast episode.

In this episode we focus specifically on a very simple yet effective strategy that puts your health at the forefront in the new year and in the midst of a pandemic. Through embracing these steps Cara teaches us how we can all become "CEOs" of our own health journeys, and putting us in the driving seat in the health office.

She delves into the following areas:

  • Arming yourself with a support network

  • Focus on nutrient density within the confines of a limited diet

  • Important supplementation

If you would like to learn more about Cara's work and see if she can support you, you can find more information at her site or find her on Instagram where she often pops up with Calvin's Free From Foods on the Insta Live chats; where Cara is their Inhouse Nutritionist.

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