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Teal Podcast #10 and Mental Strategies for 2021 with Emma Amoscato

The Teal Podcast is joined by acclaimed journalist, speaker and author Emma Amoscato, who is also the brainchild of the S.M.I.L.E. programme. Emma is also currently completing a Msc Psychology & Neuroscience; with exciting projects coming out this year.

Emma is a national features journalist and has written for The Times, The Guardian, The Independent and The Sun. She speaks openly about allergies in the media and has appeared on This Morning, BBC News and LBC radio. She is also a regular speaker at The Allergy & Free From Show and a judge on The Free From Food Awards and the Allergy UK Hero Awards.

This episode shares the stories behind Emma's books, Living with Allergies: tips for the whole family and You, Me and Food Allergies.

She shares her insights and advice for families with children with allergies and advice for transitioning to school and educating staff and peers.

Emma talks about key issues affecting allergy consumers including product recalls and labelling issues.

Having worked tirelessly to support mental health, Emma shares the realities of the emotional toll that allergy families carry and the team talk candidly about their own anaphylaxis experiences.

With emphasis on controlling what we can and accepting what we can't Emma shares great strategies for dealing with mental anxiety and lets us into the core of what is behind S.M.I.L.E.

Visit the show notes for more content and a special offer from Emma Amoscato.

Special Offer: 50% RRP of Living with Allergies by Emma Amoscato

The paperback of Emma's Living With Allergies book is sold out on Amazon again and won't be back in stock for a few weeks.

So until then, she has decided to do a special offer and sell hardback copies on her site for just £9.99 or 50% off RRP (currently still £15.99 on Amazon)

The book has over 50 5* reviews.

Here are a few snippets: "I will be recommending this book to everyone who lives with allergies" "It's so practical and has answered so many of the worries and questions I had" "This book is what every allergy parent needs" "I felt so much more informed, empowered and able to cope" You can take advantage of this offer here

You can find Emma on Instagram here where she focusses on mental health support or here to learn more about her work around allergies and feel free to visit her site too.

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