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Show Notes from Episode #3 - Meeting Jayne Tarrant, Founder of Medpac

Welcome to Episode #3 of Teal Podcast where we had the privilege of speaking with award winning entrepreneur Jayne Tarrant who founded Medpac in 2011; and is a household name in emergency medical gear in the UK and US.

Medpac provides insulated identifiable medical carrier cases to protect emergency medication for a variety of medical needs including allergies, epilepsy, asthma, dementia and heart conditions; and is popular in schools across the UK as they are so portable.

We had a great conversation with Jayne who shared her personal story; and how Medpac came about from their personal challenges as a family facing various medical challenges including epilepsy and anaphylaxis. Jayne also shared the rationale behind the undeniably recognisable orange bags and the importance of this colour to her brand.

Jayne let us into an interesting fact around the impact of her pregnancy and developing unexplained anaphylaxis as an adult years after outgrowing allergies; and challenges around her husband's severe Coeliac diagnosis.

We dived into the realities of managing allergies and other medical conditions at school. These include the pressures on teachers and parents; with great advice to for better partnership and communication to protect their children when away from home.

We discussed the impact of COVID-19 in the wider context and her personal business and plans and advice for 2021. Jayne shared her wisdom and insights into listening closely to your consumers and being agile to adapt to their needs. This has certainly attributed to her sustainable longterm success as an entrepreneur.

If you would like to learn more about Medpac visit their site or follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Alternatively, feel free to email Jayne directly.

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