Show Notes from Episode #2 - Unveiling the Teal web release

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the Teal Podcast release and are overwhelmed by the responses and messages of support for the first episode.

As a member of the Teal App, you'll continue to have access to our show notes for your exclusive limited-time offers reserved only for premium users. If you've got any membership over and beyond the "Full Content Access," there's even more! We'll break that down shortly.

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Show Notes from Episode 2

We've been busy recording and meeting great guests, however in this specific episode Joey and I start to look under the hood of the amazing features we have built to support the international food allergy community as we unveil the web debut of the Teal App! This is underpinned by our mission to develop and release brand new technology to make life with food allergies easier and safer to manage.

Integrated into the EpiCenter App infrastructure with resources from throughout the food allergy community that help with both the prevention and management of a severe allergic reaction, Teal serves the personal needs of a food allergy affected individual and family.

Some of the great features highlighted in this episode the personalisation of the user experience. We discussed the multiple profiles with households in mind, to serve our members' experiences on both Teal and EpiCenter, to view the household's needs and recommendations holistically for more inclusive support. This is complemented by allergy tracking in the food diaries and recommended recipes and products suited to the member's allergy requirements.

The episode included an in-depth discussion around Ladder Challenges and how this is supported digitally for any families undertaking the oral challenges at home. This is such a valuable support for parents with children who are perhaps in the earlier stages of allergy management.

The Teal App - Official Web Release

Welcome to debut the Teal App your personal food allergy assistant.

You can think of this online service acts as your food diary, ladder challenge guide, and source of personalized recommendations on recipes and products. You'll also get to meet other members in the global food allergy community and learn from and support one another.

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  • Set Profiles for Your Whole Family

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  • Access Ladder Challenges & Record Results

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