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PSA - Lifesaving 10 minute check

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Whether you #swing and #jab with an #epi-pen or press and hold with a #JEXT, it is important to keep your maintenance and knowledge in check through regular and consistent intervals.

For many of us being at home has meant #severe #allergic #reactions have likely decreased and with that the need to use your AAI.

However, with the economy reopening and schools returning, it is important to ensure your #emergency #medication is fit for purpose and accessible should you require.

Where payday and bills dominate the beginning and the end of the month, we do not want

We have picked the 14th of the month as a suitable time to carry out a monthly routine check of our pens to ensure we are in charge of any situations that may arise.

10 mins - 4 Things to Check and Test

1. #Temperature - are your pens being stored between 15-25 deg C? An #insulated bag will help keep them at a regulated temperature. As tempting as it is in the unseasonably hot weather - NEVER store AAIs in a fridge or conversely never leave them in a hot car either as this will affect the integrity of the serum.

2. #Expiration - an expired AAI is not an effective one. At the beginning of the year guidance was to order new pens at least four weeks ahead of expiration. Current lead times may be longer, so you should ensure you have allowed plenty time to order new prescriptions for home and school.

3. #Clear & #Colourless #solution - If the serum is discoloured or murky it is not fit for use, therefore replace your AAI ASAP if this is the case.

4. #Test and #train your knowledge - familiarise yourself and those close to you with how to administer an AAI and use practice pens where available to carry out a dry run.

If you haven't already sign up to our subscriber list and we will send you a #monthly reminder to join us in checking your AAI, even more reason to keep in touch.

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