Chronic Constipation? Hold the Milk!

Written By Nishti's Choice

Nishti is a Registered Dietician, specialising in the Nutrition and Health of Parents and Children

Why can cow’s milk/dairy cause constipation?

This a question that many parents of young children ask.

Dairy is nutrient-rich and full of protein, slow digesting carbohydrates, calcium and iodine.

Despite it’s so called health benefits, however, for many people, consuming dairy can cause a range of digestive issues, from bloating and stomach pains to diarrhoea and constipation.

The proteins in milk can be divided into two categories: caseins and whey proteins.

Human milk contains these in a ratio of 40:60; while in cow’s milk the ratio of casein to whey proteins is 80:20. Given that the amount of total protein in cow’s milk is more than double that of human milk, cow’s milk clearly contains considerably more casein than human milk. Casein can be very difficult to digest for some infants and also some adults.

Some children with cow’s milk protein allergy may ONLY present with symptoms of constipation. Therefore, when we see children with constipation we explore the following areas for a more thorough investigation of their health:

  • Quality of their overall diet (we distinguish between fibre and wholegrain since there is a significant difference).

  • Amount of milk/dairy products they consume.

  • Emotional health (for more about emotional health and constipation please see link in bio).

  • And lots more!

What is your experience with milk and poop? Have you ever noticed a connection between the two and adverse effects?

Nishti specialises in cow's milk protein allergy, Gestational diabetes, Mindful Body and Nutrition Makeover and Genetic testing.

Nishti says "I specialise in the Nutrition and Health of Parents and Children. My Mission is to Empower Parents to Choose Better Nutrition for Themselves and Their Children by providing Awareness, Knowledge and Compassion. When Parents feel Empowered, they will Consciously make Better Nutritional Choices for Themselves and Their Baby."

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