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Choc-Banana toast pancakes

The humble banana has really been a staple ingredient this year in quarantine, and star of the #lockdown #bananabread.

Did you know that #banana is such a great source of #nutrition, packed with #potassium and #VitaminC; providing you with #energy, #great for your skin and #heart.

The versatility of bananas also make them a great ingredient in #baking as an #eggreplacer, making it #allergyfriendly and also a great alternative if you're short of ingredients. One mashed banana = one egg.

We've put together an easy recipe that is a hybrid of two traditional #breakfast and #brunch dishes -#frenchtoast and #pancakes with a #chocolate twist.

This is also a fantastic dish for #babyledweaning and suitable for little ones with #cmpa









1 semi to ripe mashed banana

3 tablespoons #dairyfree milk

2 slices store bought bread

Tablespoon chocolate spread


Mash a banana in a bowl

Add the milk and chocolate spread and mix together to form a batter

Use a glass to cut out a big circle shape from the bread, repeat

Dip the bread into the mixture and coat it evenly thoughout and allow it to soak through

Heat some dairy free spread in a pan over a medium heat

Place the bread in the pan and gently turn over after 2 minutes once it is golden brown, and allow it to cook for two minutes.

Serve with honey, sprinkles and fruit as desired.


Any leftover mixture can be kept in the fridge for 24 hours and works well the next day too.

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