Allergy Voices: Volume 2 - Powerful Personal Stories of Life with Food Allergies [Free Ebook]

Allergy Voices: Volume 2 is a free e-book which gets up close and personal with people with allergies from around the world. If you're new...

Top 10+ Dairy Free Halloween Recipes

Are you planning a dairy-free Halloween party?  If so, I'm here to help, with my favourite dairy-free Halloween recipes from around the web.

I am a person behind the allergy campaign

A campaign for everyone to see who you are behind the allergy!

How to keep cool in a heatwave

Tips for keeping your family safe in the sun. As we enter the heatwave aka "the one week of Summer" in the UK, it can be a shock to the s...

Is Soybean Oil Safe for Soya Allergy?

Babies with cow's milk protein allergy are often allergic to soya too. For those with peanut allergy, a small number will also be allergi...

Childhood Eczema Natural Remedies: 10 Tips To Heal Eczema-Prone Skin

Understanding what childhood eczema is, what causes it and natural remedies to help relieve it.

The A-Z of Allergies

Need a refresher on food allergies, follow our fly by tour below.

Preparing for a Vacation with Allergies

My name is Joey DiGangi, and I'm proud to be one of the people that's helped create the Teal platform alongside Caron. I'm the founder of...

An introduction to Zoe T. Williams

Zoe is the owner of My Allergy Kitchen; a useful blog to support families with allergies and intolerances and author of The Busy Parent's...

Easy Dairy Free Risotto Recipe

This easy dairy-free risotto is super simple to make, free from all common allergens, low FODMAP and has a vegan option too!

PSA - Lifesaving 10 minute check

All it takes is 10 minutes once a month to check your emergency medication. Join us and our tips for monthly maintenance.

Holidays with Allergies Survey

We are proudly supporting the The Sadie Bristow Foundation in their #research to understand attitudes and concerns around going on holidays

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