Welcome to Half Term Freefromuary Fun with Teal


15 February 2021, 07:00:35

Taking the Mundane out of Monday It's officially Day one of the February Half term Break and we're still at home juggling work, childcare and getting through the lockdown. We know how difficult this can be, so we would like support you this week with some ideas, activities and free from recipe challenges to try at home. So let's take the Munane out of Monday! Here's some ways to spend Monday with us. Our Party Soundtrack Music and dancing are known to be great endorphin releases and great for your wellbeing. This week's soundtrack starts with one of our favourites - a catchy feel good song with an easy to follow routine if you're up for it! If you're anything like us you might find yourself playing this song on repeat. So go on, press play, turn the volume up and dance in your kitchen with your brood or on your own like no one is watching! Recipe of the Day Our friends at Creative Nature have created some great recipes this week for you to have some fun in the kitchen with some allergy friendly recipe challenges. Today's recipe Gnawbles Rocky Road is a great fridge dish to get little hands involved - and in a couple of hours enjoy the fruits of your labour. Get your thinking cap on While waiting for your Gnawbles Rocky Road to set, why not try our customised word search and find all the Here's a printable version for you to use at your leisure. Two or three heads are better than one, so turn it into a game and see how many words you can find. Did you hear the one about? Head over to our Instagram page to find out more about some of the great prizes up for grabs this week and how you can win! Get in touch, let us know how your week is going and if you have any great tips or ideas to share with the Teal tribe.