How to love your eczema skin


23 November 2020, 14:07:41

Anyone who has eczema will be familiar with the feelings of embarrassment and shame when the skin is inflamed, red, flaky or bleeding. Having spent months in bandages because my skin was an open wound, I hated my skin. This blog is the journey I made from deep resentment and anger to an acceptance and appreciation for what my skin, the largest organ in my body was doing for me. It's not been an easy journey and I still have a complicated relationship with my skin but we're working on that. I can now say I love myself and my skin and mean it, and as a result am treating myself and my skin better as result. You'll see the change in my skin from swollen, red, flaking and inflamed to what would call pretty normal eczema skin now. It's still healing and that's another story for another day. Anyone with a skin condition that makes them feel uncomfortable should read this blog! We need to give ourselves a break, listen to our bodies when they cry for help and be kind to ourselves when we need extra help and support. Spread skin positivity and learn to love your skin! You can read "How to love your skin" here on the Whatallergy.com blog.