How to keep cool in a heatwave


5 August 2020, 21:41:02

Tips for keeping your family safe in the sun. As we enter the heatwave aka "the one week of Summer" in the UK, it can be a shock to the system as extreme temperatures soar so drastically. We have prepared a few tips in no particular order to safely tolerate the heat for you and little ones to avoid overheating, dehydration and heatstroke. Keeping your home cool Whilst tempting to throw open the windows, this will only draw heat in from outside and continue to raise the temperature in the room throughout the day. Instead, keep your curtains and blinds drawn with the windows closed to keep the temperature cooler inside. Only open them once the temperatures start to drop in the evening and allow the air to circulate. As hot air rises, if you have openable top windows these will allow the warm air to escape whilst your bottom windows will bring fresh air in. If you are going to use a fan in the room, a great tip to cool the air is to place a bowl of ice in front of the fan. Keep little heads cool We have found a great way to keep hot little babies happy and help regulate their temperatures is by wetting a facecloth with cool water until it is damp and placing on their heads like a hat. To ease sweat which can aggravate eczema, it is also a good idea to wipe their limbs and torso down with a cool damp cloth. Once you have wiped them dry with a towel, a soothing emollient moisturising lotion will also help cool their skin. Danger Hours The sun is known to be at it highest point between 11 am and 3pm. It is advisable to avoid direct sunlight then and keep to shaded areas. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate Whilst it is an obvious message to send out, the elderly and very young are most vulnerable and susceptible to dehydration. If you are still breastfeeding, your little one may want to feed more than usual. This is just their way of coping with the heat and it is the best way to keep them hydrated. Water is great for hydration and adding flavour twists will also help - sliced up lemon, cut up cucumber, mint, strawberries are all a great accompaniment to your water. But drinks are not the only way to keep hydrated. There has been an increase in "free-from" ice-creams which are available and accessible in most major retailers and some exciting brands emerging from independent entrepreneurs. Pay attention to ingredients including "may contain" dependent on the severity of the allergy. Here is a really quick and easy recipe below for fruity lollies enjoyed by all ages from weaning. We found these lollies to be soothing on little teething gums too. Homemade Dairy Free Lollies Ingredients 1 chopped Banana 2 Cups of Fresh or Frozen Mixed Berries 1 Tablespoon honey 1 cup of dairy free milk - oat or soya work well Handful of ice cubes Method Add all the ingredients in a blender and mix until it is a thick consistency. Pour into lolly moulds and place in the freezer for a few hours until frozen. Handy tip: if you run out of moulds (like we do), smaller Tupperware pots with lids make ideal containers for the mixture to store as sorbet) Safe storage of your AAI pens Last but by no means least, it is really important to ensure that your auto-injectors are stored at a safe temperature and close at all times in the event of anaphylaxis. It is advisable to store adrenaline pens between 15-25 C. In the event that temperatures exceed this, they should be kept in an insulated bag. Never keep them them in the fridge as this will affect the effectiveness of the adrenaline. Also, never keep them in a hot car as heat exposure will lead to adrenaline degradation. Any other tips or comments for the heatwave or dealing with hot weather, please feel free to add them below. #summer #heatwave# #icecreams #dairyfree #cool #hydrate #hydration #adrenaline #aai #safe #insulated #anaphylaxis #lolly #sorbet #water #breastfeeding #allergy #cmpa #emollient #temperature #sun #hot #fan #babies #baby #parenting #tips #frozen #fruit #berries #ice #freezer #toohot