Easy Dairy Free Chocolate Explosion Cake


12 November 2020, 11:54:16

In the early days of living with my daughter's food allergies, I used to pride myself on cooking everything from scratch. It was as if I was on some sort of noble struggle, a way of sticking two fingers up to the universe. Going to make it impossible for me to cook yummy things are you? Well I'll show you! However, we are now 6 years in to living with allergies and my medal has not arrived, no statue has been erected, and I'm a bit fed up of spending all my life in the kitchen. Now I want shortcuts, I want easy, AND I want delicious - as well as being allergy friendly. So if you're like me, and you want a mouthwatering, decadent cake with a minimum of fuss, you'll love this amazingly easy dairy free chocolate explosion cake! No More Missing Out If someone in your family has food allergies/intolerances or other special diet, then you'll know that it doesn't just affect the individual - it has a wider impact on the whole family. It affects mealtimes, the selection of snacks available in the home, the choice of restaurants when eating out. There is a constant balance between not wanting the person with allergies to feel left out, but without everyone else missing out too. This year, my older daughter asked for a chocolate explosion cake for her birthday. This presents a challenge because my younger daughter is allergic to both dairy and soya - ingredients that are found in almost all chocolate. Soya is even found in most 'free from' chocolate and is particularly tricky to avoid. However, I am one determined mama and I was on a quest to ensure my older daughter got her birthday wish, while still being allergy friendly for my younger daughter. It's not much of a birthday treat if you have to leave your little sister out, is it?! So was I successful? Well, you can judge for yourself: Find out out to make this cake...