Anti-reflux Formula


4 March 2021, 07:00:06

Nishti is a Registered Dietician, specialising in the Nutrition and Health of Parents and Children Some infants present with regurgitation severe enough for parents to seek medical help, and it may just be that they’re sensitive to cow’s milk. The symptoms of cow’s milk protein allergy overlap or may coexist or complicate GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) or gastroesophageal reflux (GOR). Even if there’s no formal dairy allergy per se, there appears to be some kind of cow’s milk “hypersensitivity” among many infants and children with severe reflux. Does an anti-reflux milk help a child who may have cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA)? Initially it may offer some relief in those children with milk non-IgE CMPA but it won’t treat the CAUSE. How may anti-reflux formulas offer temporary relief in some babies? Pre-thickened infant formulas thicken on contact with the acidic pH of the stomach. The thickener that’s added to the formula simply makes the formula harder for baby to get all the way back up the oesophagus (food pipe). A tactic that is used by baby formula manufacturers to prevent reflux is to use 100% whey protein. The proteins in milk can be divided into two categories: caseins and whey proteins. Because whey proteins remain “liquid” in the stomach, they empty the stomach into the intestines faster than the casein proteins. Whey proteins are also less likely to be the trigger for an allergy. Interesting Research: One study found that 42% of infants with GOR also had cow’s milk protein allergy. 85% of those infants responded to a cow’s milk protein-free milk and had subsequent return of symptoms once cow’s milk formula was introduced again. Another study found that two weeks on a thickened extensively hydrolysed formula (a formula free from cow’s milk) improved symptoms in 59% and resolved symptoms in 24% of infants with GOR. Could it be CMPA? #nishtischoiceNishti specialises in cow's milk protein allergy, Gestational diabetes, Mindful Body and Nutrition Makeover and Genetic testing. Nishti says "I specialise in the Nutrition and Health of Parents and Children. My Mission is to Empower Parents to Choose Better Nutrition for Themselves and Their Children by providing Awareness, Knowledge and Compassion. When Parents feel Empowered, they will Consciously make Better Nutritional Choices for Themselves and Their Baby." Book a discovery session here with her. #nishtischoice #cmpa #dairyallergy #dietician #reflux #antireflux #formula #antirefluxmilk