Allergy Friendly Hot Cross Buns


23 March 2021, 21:51:12

Easter is coming! Our country’s tradition is Easter bread named Folar, and I have a very good recipe, without egg and completely vegan. I use an apple in the middle instead and Matilde would not be able to eat. So, this year, I adopted a new tradition. Hot Cross Buns, are a tradition here for these sides of Europe. And I just tell you … They are delicious! They are made and eaten on Good Friday, slightly spicy, slightly sweet, the traditional version takes raisin (but I didn’t put it) and with a cross on top. These breads mark the end of Lent, the traditional time of fasting. We loved it! It will become our tradition too and gives the Easter table a special touch. These little breads piqued the little ones’ curiosity and it was great to have a moment at breakfast to talk about the meaning of Easter (the meaning beyond the Easter bunny and chocolate eggs). Hope you like it and enjoy it. Visit the original recipe and others here.