How to Hack a Facebook Password: 5 Possible Ways

More than half of the globe’s population has access to social media. Of the over 4 billion people using social media today, 420+ million recently joined the league of Internet users in the last 12 months. The use of social media has become rampant so much that many people have monetized their social media activities.

Besides keeping in touch with family, many businesses prioritize their social media presence as it allows them to reach a greater audience. But as beneficial as social media is, it has its disadvantages – that’s why many parents prohibit their kids from social media use.

Besides exposing kids to inappropriate content, among other things, social media usage has resulted in the destruction of many relationships and marriages.

However, Facebook ranks among the top 5 most-used apps due to its friendly user interface and ease of use.

Perhaps your spouse or child starts getting engrossed with using FB; you may wonder what’s happening or if they are safe. 

Considering you can’t possibly be sneaking up on them 24/7 to check what they are doing online, you might have no other option but to use a password cracker for Facebook or other means to get into their account. 

If you find yourself in a similar scenario and would like to know how to get someone’s Facebook password, read on as we’ll list out 5 effective mediums to hack a Facebook password.

Method 1. Facebook Password Cracker

password cracker

If you’re keen on cracking the Facebook password of your child or partner’s Facebook account, a Facebook password cracker is an effective medium to reach your goal. 

The app’s main aim is to crack a Facebook pass and provide you with the characters to access the account. 

Or maybe you once had a Facebook account to which you forgot the password; you can use the Facebook password cracker to retrieve passwords of Facebook accounts. 

Interestingly, this app’s installation is straightforward, and you don’t require any technical skills to operate it.

To use this app to hack a Facebook password, head to the official webpage of the Facebook password cracker app to download the software. 

Afterward, run and install the app to allow you access to the app dashboard. The last step is to run a scan, and the app starts to scan for passwords of Facebook accounts on your device.

Besides ease of use, the software isn’t heavy, and you don’t have to create a profile or pay to download and access the app’s features. If you’re looking for how to hack a Facebook password for free, this method is one of the effective ways to do so.

Method 2. Password Spraying

password spraying

Password spraying is a method used by many hackers to access emails and social media profiles. A password spraying attack involves online hacking accounts using commonly used passwords. 

Often, social media account holders use this method when they forget the pass to an online or social media account. 

This method is effective because numerous people use predictable passwords like password123, so they won’t forget – a bad idea in all ramifications. If you’re puzzled about how to get someone’s Facebook password, give password spraying a trial.

Since most people are after gaining access to their kid or spouse’s Facebook account, engaging in this method will be much easier than trying it on random online accounts. At some point, you may have encountered a password your child or partner uses – start with that.

Most people stick to one password for all their social media and online accounts, making it easy for hackers to access their accounts. 

If the password you know doesn’t work, you can begin trying other common password options. 

This Facebook password hack demands patience and may not give you the outcomes you desire every time, as Facebook’s password requirements ensure that you have a complex password upon account creation. 

Regardless, it’s worth a trial and ranks among the top results you’ll encounter while researching “how to hack FB password using mobile.” And if you don’t know how to guess a password, browse the Internet for common passwords people use. 

Method 3. Hack Facebook Password with Password Grabbing

password grabbing

Another way to figure out someone’s password without using a Facebook password extractor is via password grabbing. 

A hacker’s approach to password grabbing demands some technical knowledge. Most hackers create fake websites where people have to create an account with a password. Afterwards, they try the password with the owner’s email and other social media accounts.

Meanwhile, some hackers infiltrate the databases of websites with weak data encryption to steal sensitive data, which they’ll use to access people’s emails and online accounts. Thus, if you use one password for all your online and social media accounts, you may easily fall victim to such attacks.

Interestingly, you don’t need to stress before grabbing your kid or partner’s Facebook password, as you have two easy alternatives. 

The first involves looking into their phone from a safe spot whenever they access their Facebook profile. You can make a video of the process to ensure you get the password correctly.

The second option involves accessing their phone or computer, and knowing your child’s or partner’s phone password is vital to pull this off. Most new generation phones have a distinct password-saving feature. If they have their Facebook password saved on their phone, you can head to passwords in settings and sift out their Facebook pass. 

Method 4. Get Someone’s Facebook Password With Spying App


If you’re looking for how to open a Facebook account without a password and email address, spy apps are your best bet. A spy application is software that gives you remote and stealthy access to another person’s phone to monitor the target device’s activities. 

The exciting thing about spy apps is that they gather data from the target device and remain stealthy while at it. 

With this add-on available on most spy applications, the target phone user wouldn’t know about the app’s operation. These apps allow you to monitor information like calls, text messages, location history, social media activity, and emails. 

Top-tier spy apps on the web have keylogging features – essential for extracting passwords. A keylogger can act as a Facebook password cracker if used correctly. 

A keylogger logs the keystrokes of the target device. So, as the target phone’s user inputs passwords and other sensitive information, the keylogger gathers the data and delivers them to your dedicated dashboard.

You might be asking which reliable spy application you can use to hack someone’s Facebook account? 

We figured you were going to ask. Thus, we did some research on several spy apps to find the one with the most satisfying and efficient spy functions – the eyeZy application came out top.

eyeZy tops the list of the best spy apps, in our opinion, and does a smooth and satisfying job of spying on your friends and loved ones for whatever reasons you may have. Besides its uniqueness, it offers budget-friendly subscription plans and 24/7 customer support service if you encounter any issues while using the app. 

Agreed, eyeZy has a variety of top-tier functions in its resume. Nonetheless, this spy application steps things up a notch by featuring keylogging capabilities, making it the perfect tool for your endeavor to hack someone’s Facebook account. 

Read on to discover how to hack a Facebook account with the eyeZy spy app.

DID YOU KNOW: In a recent survey, 47% of Facebook users said they used the platform to execute emotional cheating. If you have suspicions that your partner uses FB to facilitate illicit connections, use spy applications to gather rock-solid evidence and confront them. 

How to Get Someone’s Facebook Password: eyeZy Installation Guide

eyeZy App

One of the reasons why eyeZy emerged as our best spy app alternatives is because its installation process is pretty straightforward. Even if you aren’t tech-savvy, you’ll have no trouble setting up the application once you follow the developer’s instructions. 

Below are the steps to installing eyeZy on a target phone and using its features to hack the target device’s Facebook account:

Step 1. Register an Account

Unlike the generic FB password cracker, you have to open a profile on eyeZy as it offers advanced features over the former. 

Visit eyeZy’s official website to create an account using a valid email address and a secure password. Ensure you can access the email address you register with, as you’ll get instructions via email at some point.

Step 2. Choose a Subscription Plan

Upon account creation, select a subscription package and proceed with the payment. 

Once the transaction goes through, you’ll get an email that embeds installation instructions, a link to download the eyeZy app, and your Control Panel logins. 

Step 3. Log Into Your Dashboard

Using the logins in eyeZy’s confirmation mail, log into your dedicated Control Panel. 

Step 4. Assess the Platform

Familiarize yourself with the app’s dashboard and the installation procedures to proceed to the next step.

Step 5. Install eyeZy on the Target’s Device

You’ll need to physically access the target smartphone to install the eyeZy spy as instructed in the installation guide.

Step 6. Commence Monitoring!

Access your Control Panel to hack whatever you want after completing the installation.

NOTE: If you’re unsure of eyeZy’s functionalities, use the site’s Demo Mode to understand how it functions. This add-on gives you a rundown of how eyeZy works in real time. Simple and clutter-free, this interface may just pique your interest in using the service. 

Method 5. Three Trusted Friends

password recovery

Recently, Facebook upgraded its password recovery system and added a new recovery alternative – Three Trusted Friends. 

Although engaging in this Facebook hack may seem like a long shot, it can work with some luck and intelligent work. 

Remember, this option’s success depends primarily on whether the Facebook profile owner has activated the “Three Trusted Friends” password recovery option. If you wish to use this hacking method and are unsure if the target account holder has this feature engaged, try initiating a conversation around the topic to find out. 

You’re one step closer if the target Facebook account has enabled this password recovery alternative. But the following steps are where you need luck and do some intelligent work:

  1. Create three Facebook pages and request to have the target Facebook account as a friend on the three fake pages you created.
  2. Try your best to make the fake pages look organic with identities that’ll make the target account user think they may know the people behind each of the 3 Facebook accounts. Doing so will up your chances of making the target Facebook account owner accept your friend requests.
  3. After the account accepts your friend requests, the rest is pretty straightforward. Proceed to the account login page and tap the “forgot your password” tab. Facebook will redirect you to a page requesting either your email address, username, or your name and a friend’s name. You shouldn’t find getting these details difficult.
  4. After you input the relevant information, Facebook will, again, redirect you to a page where you’ll have to verify the target account with its profile picture. Note that the page will provide you with other options to confirm the victim’s Facebook account, including their cell number and email address.
  5. At the bottom of the verification options list, you’ll find the button, “Can’t access these right now.” If you tap on it, you’ll land on the ‘’three trusted friends’’ page. The page provides a list of the victim’s friends, and you select the three friends you created earlier. 

Facebook will then send a reset password to the three friends; with those passwords, you’ll gain access to the victim’s Facebook account. However, this system has two flaws. The first is that the target account has to accept the friend request from the three fake accounts.

Secondly, if you choose the option that says you can’t access other verification options, Facebook will send the account owner an email stating they have done a  password reset. Many individuals don’t check their mail notifications until later. However, when they do, they’ll know something is fishy but can’t do anything since changing their password will not be effective. 


Depending on the medium used, hacking a Facebook account can be pretty easy or difficult. Imagine waiting for the person you’re looking to spy on to sleep, so you can access their cell phone. 

That’s stressful, and you may end up finding nothing if you can’t unlock their phones. 

Although other less-stressful, affordable, and effective options to hack a Facebook password exist, we advise engaging a spy application like eyeZy for 100% remote and stealthy spying.