Milk Ladder Challenge

  • 63Days
  • 63Steps
Everyone in the challenge will get a badge when the challenge ends.


The Ladder Challenge is a STOP & GO 🔴✅ TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM🚦It involves food oral challenges at home & progressing through various stages from baked to raw under Dietician & Allergist guidance. It normally takes one week to complete before moving to the next stage and is careful incremental increases of food to test the body's immunity, tolerance & resistance to food. It is important that at the first sign of an Allergic reaction to stop, pause, record, & report. You'll be able to track everything in the Teal Personal Allergy Assistant for easy recall when meeting with a specialist. That stage is not passed or safe to progress at that point in time. Under medical advice the ladder challenge may or may not be repeated after a break once the allergen has left the system; dependent on symptoms & may lead to other routes of testing including skin prick & bloodtests. Failing a ladder challenge is not a failure! - This provides valuable insight and knowledge for parents, patients and medical teams. iMAP MILK LADDER To be used only in children with Mild to Moderate Non-IgE Cow’s Milk Allergy Under the supervision of a healthcare professional. IMAP 2016 guidelines: The practical concept of the ladder is the more ‘baked’ cow’s milk protein is, usually the less allergenic it is. You will see step 1 begins with a form of very well baked milk protein and the further steps of gradually less well baked milk protein products.

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