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Meet the Teal App Ambassador: Julianne Ponan

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Role Model for Allergy Sufferers

Official Teal App Ambassador

We're incredibly proud to work with Julianne Ponan and have her as an ambassador for our mission. 


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Introducing the Teal Personal Allergy Assistant

Everything You Need to Track Your Family's Allergies

Web App Available on All Platforms

The Teal App is Your Family's Personal Food Diary to Record Information as You or Your Child Progress throughout Your Food Allergic Journey.

  • Add Multiple Profiles

  • Record Diary Entries

  • Get Personalised Recipe & Product Suggestions

  • Get Special Offers from Partners in the Food Allergy Community

  • Unlimited Access to Digital Ladder Challenges

Track Allergic Reactions

Digitize Your Allergy Management Diary for Easy Recording

Create Multiple Profiles

Create a Personalised Profile for Everyone with an Allergy in Your Family

Ladder Challenges

Track Ladder Challenge Progress in the App 

Embrace the Community

Share Experiences, Engage in Dialogue, & Find Comfort from Other Global Users

Included in the Teal Personal Allergy Assistant

Premium Membership

  • Keep & Manage Your Food Diary

  • Create Profiles for Everyone in Your Family

  • Unlimited Use of Ladder Challenges 

  • 1 Free Year of Membership the EpiCenter Allergy Store - with Savings of 10% or More on Allergy-Friendly Products

  • Access Exclusive Content & Offers in the Teal App

  • Sync Your Teal Profile in the EpiCenter App

  • Call Your Emergency Contacts During an Emergency

  • Create "Smart" Medical Alert Gear for Anyone that Has a Profile

  • Plus Everything in the Free Version

Always Free

  • Call Emergency Services (When Accessing on Mobile Device)

  • Track & Save Recipes in Your Cookbook

  • Participate in Forum Discussions

  • Get Live FSA + FDA Food Allergy Recall Alerts

  • Participate in Ladder Challenges "al la carte"